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Computer repair Manhattan NYC – our service

Computer repair Manhattan NYC  service is now needed more than ever before. With so many pieces of hardware to fail inside of the computer person can save money on their electronic budget by trusting in a good computer repair store to get their electronics back into working order, rather than buying entirely new ones.

With 2 convenient and easy to reach location: 24 East 69th Street NY 10021 suite 208 and 199 Fulton Street 10007 suite 333  a team of A+ certified  technicians, with years in PC repair field  is ready 24/7 to assist you.

Take it like that – your computer is something personal. When the PC doesn’t start anymore and you feel helpless, call the computer repair Manhattan NYC center, and a technician will be with you in less than an hour to any NYC location.

Our on-site PC service team can help you with your computer hardware or software problems in a shortest time manner. Why replace your computer/laptop when we can easy repair it and keep your existing data?

There are hundreds  of computer repair Manhattan NYC  company or shops, offering their services, but how you will chose it the one right for you?

I don’t know about them, but I can tell you that Laptop Data Repair is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are a team of A+ certified engineer with lot of experience providing professional  computer repair Manhattan NYC service, ready 24/7 to take care of your computer problems.

Our low-cost PC repair service comes with free diagnostic, free estimate of your PC repair or PC upgrade cost, 45 days warranty and a flat rate computer repair Manhattan NYC starting at 39.99$.

When contacting us, will have the opportunity to speak direct with our computer technicians, and they will guide you to basic computer troubleshoot cutting out the middle men and any office staff, bringing you huge savings of money and time – no technical terms will be use, all in plain English for your better understanding.

If you’re dealing with a software problem like laptop blue or black screen, a virus, adware, malware, spyware infection, need a fast and low cost laptop data recovery, data migration, a back-up of your data, or you are having a hardware problem like broken laptop screen , laptop keyboard damage, laptop back-light or inverter problem LaptopDataRepair can help

Most common problems solved everyday by our  computer repair Manhattan NYC  shop are:

At all laptop brands, under normal wear and tear so Dc jack get loose and your computer doesn’t turn on or charge anymore. You’ll know that you’re having a dc jack problem when your laptop runs only run with the battery or your DC Jack feel loose. For DC Jack replacement  our  computer repair Manhattan NYC  technicians,  use only new and OEM parts. Read more at DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC.

With our latest data recovery tools and software we can recover the data at your location while you watch the data recovery process, so YES WE CAN DO ONSITE DATA RECOVERY AT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. We offer flat rate data recovery Free hard drive evaluation, 100% confidentiality, Free media for data recovered, No data -No money Policy, all INCLUDED IN OUR computer repair Manhattan NYC  service.

Most laptop motherboards have onboard audio, video, power, USB, Fire wire, and control the function of keyboard and touchpad. If you’re having any issues regarding your hardware, contact us and our  computer repair Manhattan NYC  technician will diagnose the problem and give you the fastest and cheapest way to resolve the problem.

With  a huge LCD inventory offer LaptopDataRepair offer SAME DAY turnaround for your broke laptop. Are you dealing with a cracked screen? Does your image keep flickering or your laptop boot up and after a while turns black? It’s time for a LCD replacement! Read more about our fast turnaround computer repair Manhattan NYC  service.

Are you missing keys on your keyboard or the buttons keep popping off? Do you accidentally spill some liquid on your laptop keyboard and you pressing the button but no action on screen? It’s time to replace your keyboard. At LaptopDataRepair we offer affordable laptop keyboard repair or replacement.

Our $110 computer repair Manhattan NYC service will cover a brand new  keyboard replacement.

Does your mouse act strange like keep freezing or skipping or it’s hard to control? My be a touch pad problem.

The most common symptoms of inverter or back light problem are: LCD screen flicker and show a faint image, the laptop is booting up but no image appear on the screen. That is happening because the laptop inverter controls the power going to your backlights. It’s time for a  $99 flat rate professional computer repair Manhattan NYC  laptop backlight  or screen replacement replacement.

Do you own pets? Is your computer more than 2 years old? Does your laptop over heat then shut down on its own?  We can check your cooling system, and clean it or replace it if needed. This inexpensive repair can save you from burning your motherboard in the future. Our computer repair Manhattan NYC  shop can take care of this repair in a matter of hours.

Major virus infection symptoms are: computer slows down without reason you receive unusual messages or displays on your monitor, unusual sounds or music played at random times, your files become corrupted or suddenly don’t work properly, unknown programs or files have been created, programs or files are suddenly missing. With our flat rate $99 computer repair Manhattan NYC, we can take care of all this issues in a fast and professional manner.

If your laptop does not boot up just call our engineer to go through a process of elimination of what the problem can be. Laptops sometimes won’t boot up because of bad memory but more often  a motherboard problem can be the cause.

Also if the computer will try to self repair and won’t succeed, then the problem must be on the hard drive or windows registry.

We can repair your motherboard reducing the cost of your computer repair Manhattan NYC service by half.

Our computer repair Manhattan NYC  shop offer service for following computer brands:

DELL computer repair service Manhattan NYC.

ACER computer repair service NYC.

ASUS computer repair Manhattan NYC.

IBM – Lenovo  computer repair Manhattan NYC.

Gateway computer repair service Manhattan NYC.

Toshiba computer repair Manhattan NYC.