DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC

By • on July 3, 2012

DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC.

DC jack replacement NYC

Same day DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC

Computer repair services in Manhattan NYC, are needed more now than ever before. In a study published by Seagate hard drive manufacturer, over 75% of Americans now own a personal computer or other forms of computing devices such as video game consoles, smart TVs, and media sharing computers. Computers are bound to fail at some point, with the excess amount of heat and buildup of dirt and dust inside the computer eventually components will start to fail. Having a knowledgeable computer repair shop on standby will allow you to maintain all of your devices and ensure that they can continue working for long and extended periods.

One of the most common failures is a laptop DC Jack failure.  A laptop’s DC jack is the connection between the outlet,  laptop AC adapter and the motherboard. As power enters the AC adapter from a wall outlet, it is converted to the DC power that a laptop requires to function. The DC-in jack is the port through which this power travels. Some of this power is routed to the laptop’s battery, charging it for mobile use. The rest is used to power the laptop while it is on and in use.

Our computer repair shop Manhattan NYC,  is able to take care of any DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC, on a laptop computer with ease. Quite often a laptop DC Jack will get jostled in transit or potentially disconnects from seat with inside the laptop.DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC, can be done at home but if not done by a professional you could risk shorting out your entire computer with the wrong hardware or potentially exposing other parts of your computer to harmful static and dust destroying them completely. DE-soldering a DC Jack can also be quite hard if you have never done it before. Being too aggressive and could potentially damage the circuits and render your computer’s power system useless. Having someone with the right knowledge and experience to take care of your DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC, will ensure that all of your data remains secure on your computer and that it will be in 100% working order following a DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC shop..

In some cases with repairs such as DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC  shop,  computer owners will find that it’s far easier and cheaper to repair an older computer with something like a DC Jack failure wrong with it, rather than invest in an entirely new computer. For businesses and schools as well as individuals everyone has an electronics budget which they have to follow. New computer could be quite a large cost within that budget so in order to manage the costs sometimes hiring on a good and trusted computer repair shop will be a great way to save money.

Rather than having to buy an entirely new computer for something like a DC jack replacement Manhattan  NYC, is much simpler to take it into a computer repair shop. A good computer repair shop will also know where to get high quality but inexpensive parts. A DC Jack is a fairly inexpensive component to computer. Getting the right DC jack to fit your computer brand can be somewhat difficult but a good computer repair shop like our computer repair shop in Manhattan NYC, will be able to find the exact brand of DC Jack and replace it in your computer just as a manufacturer would and for a fraction of the cost. DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC

DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC – Failure symptoms

As the DC jack is the piece that make connection between the laptop motherboard and the AC Adapter, there are 2 scenario that we should cover when troubleshooting a DC jack failure:

  1. Laptop not charging, or intermittent charging : easy to troubleshoot by looking at the laptop screen wright corner at the battery sign. If the battery shows that the laptop is charging is intermittent, a faulty DC-in jack could be the problem. Try also to jiggle the head of the charger, and see if the intermittent sign appear on the battery indicator. In this case, you will need to replace the DC jack. We offer same day DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC service.
  2. Laptop not powering on – no lights on laptop. Try to power up the laptop without the battery, jiggle the head of the charger and see if the laptop is turning on. If not, then you will need our DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC service.

DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC – Why it happens:

  •  some laptop DC Power Jacks fail under normal use.
  • after some time of usage, the internal DC power connector can become loose.
  • dropping a laptop with the AC adapter connected, can put a lot of stress on the internal DC power jack.
  • people, pets or vacuum cleaners can trip over laptop power cords, damaging the internal DC jack connection.
  • when all this happens, it’s not the end of the world, we can help you out with our flat rate DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC  service.
Laptop Data Repair, offers low-cost DC jack replacement Manhattan NYC, with same day turnaround for most of the laptop models, and no fix no charge policy.
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