Office relocation Manhattan NYC

An office removal is not quite a typical apartment or house move, office relocation Manhattan NYC  is quote a chore and it is vital that is done as smoothly as possible. Here is where organization has to be at its highest level to ensure productivity is not disrupted and that your business relocation is simple and seamless.

Office relocation Manhattan NYC

Simplify the moving of corporate offices while maintaining your effectiveness when you use our office relocation Manhattan NYC service  to get the job done, quickly and most importantly efficiently.

Office relocation Manhattan NYC  is done by a dedicated team of experts who are available for helping with the smooth transition of your office. We will work with you to ensure the straight forward shift of all your business critical hardware and software, computes and documentation to your new premises.

Some of the areas that we can assist with include:

Organization moving

We’ll assist your staff to pack their belonging effectively and can help to ensure that the right packages, belonging to the right staff in the right place are there ready to be located easily and unpacked.

Moving delicate equipment such as racks, servers, routers and pc’s and tablets along with bulky furniture and documentation needs a professional touch, strict organization and detailed planning. We do all of this and more to ensure that logic and safety and security is applied to all your equipment before, during and after transit.

To make an end to end process as smooth as possible, you need to be ready at the new offices and Office re-location Manhattan understands this and will have a detailed plan and agenda to ensure that the unpacking goes as smoothly as the packing. All items will be labelled, detailed and kept in relevant categories so that it is simple to find each staff members items as well as any business critical equipment quickly and easily.

Our team is insured and trained and we are used to moving a variety of awkward shapes, sizes and weights of items. Our professional team are safe and fully conversant with manual handling best practice and focus on yours and our health and safety consideration. Let us move and pack those heavy items for you in the right way.

From full offices to more delicate computer and technical equipment, the team at office relocation Manhattan in New York City can deal with your sensitive equipment assembly and disassembly as we are the experts

Getting your technology up and running we know if of vital importance as the rest of your office is reliant on the internet, fax machines, photocopiers and servers and our job is to make sure that any hardware has the same software configuration in place post the most so there is no interruption to your business resuming in its new home.

We will take a full inventory of your office contents down to the smallest item and if you are relocating to smaller premises then we can assist with sourcing suitable storage

Don’t move what you don’t need, now during your office relocation you may want to unencumber yourself from outdated paperwork and documents, the Office relocation Manhattan NYC team can also help with the formal destruction of any sensitive documentation meaning you do not have to simply move what you can safely destroy.

Office relocation Manhattan knows that you want to ensure a successful removal of your corporate offices in the best conditions. Our team will provide a service that meets your requirements and transferring your office we will always have the utmost respect for your business, ensure disruption are kept to a minimum, work to strict timelines and our logistics and delivery will be impeccable.